Infusion Pump

When hospitals face a shortage of infusion pumps, several challenges arise that can have a significant impact on patient care and overall hospital operations. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  1. Impaired Patient Care: Infusion pumps play a crucial role in delivering medications, fluids, and nutrients accurately and consistently to patients. Without an adequate number of infusion pumps, hospitals may experience delays in initiating treatment or encounter difficulties in managing multiple patients simultaneously. This can lead to compromised patient care, potential disruptions in medication schedules, and increased risk of medical errors.
  2. Decreased Efficiency and Workflow Disruptions: Insufficient infusion pumps can disrupt hospital workflows and contribute to inefficiencies. Healthcare professionals may need to allocate additional time and resources to manually monitor and administer intravenous therapies, which can strain their workload and limit their availability for other critical tasks. This can lead to longer wait times for patients, delays in treatment administration, and potential disruptions to the overall patient flow within the hospital.
  3. Additional Costs to Hospitals: Inadequate infusion pump availability may force hospitals to consider alternative options, such as renting additional pumps or purchasing new equipment. These unplanned expenses can strain the hospital’s budget and financial resources, potentially impacting other essential areas of patient care and hospital operations.

What is a potential cause of infusion pump shortages in a healthcare facility?

An issue that may cause infusion pump shortages is when infusion pumps with issues face long downtimes. This happens because the Biomed department may have a significant workload and may not have the time to service many of the infusion pumps that need corrective maintenance.

This leads to a vicious cycle in which there may be many infusion pumps that sit and collect dust. The hospital incurs added costs from having to rent infusion pumps to meet the requirements of inventory needed for full patient care.

What solution is available to prevent infusion pump shortages?

Here at Try Touch, we have skilled Biomed technicians who can help your staff with PMs as well as CMs.

What we offer:

  • Field technicians sent to work on-site for the length of the project
  • Specialization in all infusion pump manufacturers
  • Repairs and Preventative Maintenance services
  • Daily reports that meet the standards of The Joint Commission
  • Cost savings by helping to minimize equipment downtime and reducing the need to rent additional equipment

When your Biomed staff is overloaded with tasks, our skilled technicians help ease the workload. We ensure your infusion pumps are serviced along with having written reports that meet the standards of the Joint Commission.

Your staff can continue to focus on critical tasks while having peace of mind in knowing your medical equipment will be well taken care of.

If your healthcare facility is look to cut costs and reduce staff workload, then get in touch with us.

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