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Biomedical Engineering Services

Our clinical engineers will work closely with architects, engineers, and clinical staff to help us determine your medical equipment needs, utility services, and appropriate spaces.

What to Expect

  • Preliminary medical equipment bill of quantities (BOQ) during the programming/planning phase of the project with pricing.
  • Medical Equipment BOQ during the Design Phase of the project with technical specifications.
  • A comprehensive blueprint of floor layout plans, showing locations, and general layout of major medical equipment and furniture systems.
  • Develop engineering-specific reports that highlight detailed design requirements needed by sub-consultants and engineers, including MEP, structural engineers, security, interior designers, IT, Telcom, environmental services, and more.

After this process, the procurement of medical equipment follows. More so, we will also help you manage the procurement processes as well as the installation, operation, training, and maintenance procedures.

We commit to ensure our services will help you reduce the risks of equipment malfunction, ensure safety and security, extend the life of your equipment, and reduce your operating costs.

Our technicians (with a combined 40+ years of experience) are trained on COVID-19 infectious disease protocols and have licensed training on ventilators, electrical safety, infusion pumps, drug library management, network configuration, surgical equipment, and more. We actively participate with the CMIA, BICSI, CSHE, and AAMI healthcare organizations to stay current on biomedical technologies. Our services are in compliance with all regulatory institutions and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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